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IMSH 2015

IMSH 2015

Who we are

Who we are

"Kyoto Scied", produced by Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd, is a platform for our customers located in the United States and Canada. Located in southern California, our North American branch lies in the midst of a burgeoning city with a rich medical industry.

Our Products

Our products

Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd's products range from high fidelity simulators to CT and ultrasound compatible models. Our product line offers true-to-life training for aspiring healthcare professionals by contributing to the understanding and refining of essential clinical skills.


Our distributors

Our work is not possible without the constant support and correspondence of our distributors throughout the world.



Upcoming Events:

AIUM 2015


March 21-25, 2015
Lake Buena Vista, FL


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